Illustration, with experience and passion!

My experience comes from working for many years in the swiss advertising scene with a long list of diverse clients, jobs and challenges.
passion is driven by my love of what I do! As a digital illustrator I have the flexiblity to take on a large range of jobs,
from 3d, modelling and texturing to classic vector illustration for logos or graphics, animation, digital painting
and also layouts and storyboards. I love how one piece of software links with another and another to create motion, dynamics,
textures or still images. The possibilities are endless, and this is where my experience can help you to decide which direction to take.

I have a passion for learning and I am constantly being inspired by others and try to push myself forward in my own work,
both technically and artistically. In this media age it is impossible not to be aware of the vast pool of talent around me,
but rather than let it overwhelm me it gives me the new ideas and challenges that are the fuel for my passion.

Please take the time to look round my site and I hope you will see something that helps you find the right direction for a project
or idea that you are working on. The best solution for a job involves the intial spark, discussion, collaboration and exchange of ideas,
so feel free to mail or call me and let’s work together to create the perfect solution for you and your client!

Tel: 0041 (0)78 647 05 99